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As summer proceeds, the summer heat is as its peak, we start more and more longingly dream about  air conditioners and wonder about an online air conditioner price, to set it in your room and indulge into blissful coolness. When the temperature starts climbing, the only salvation lies in the direction of best air conditioners for home, and it's time to check up the display of large room air conditioner, bedroom air conditioners, home air conditioning systems, industrial air conditioners, boat air conditioner, desktop air conditioner, car air conditioner compressor, used RV air conditioners, single room air conditioners and whole apartment air conditioners, Export Portal has to offer!

An air conditioner indeed perfectly serves to keep your home cool in hot weather. 

To find the best air conditioner for you, you'll first have to determine how much space you are going to  cool. As a conditioner's cooling power is measured in BTUs, it helps you calculate how large is the an area it is able to effectively cool. For example, a 5,000-6,000 BTU air conditioner will cool about 150-350 square feet, while a 13,000-21,000 BTU air conditioner will cool 950 to 1,200 square feet.

The other thing you have to make up your mind bout is the type of a conditioner you would like to acquire: whether you'd prefer a window air conditioner, a wall-mounted air conditioner, an air conditioner window unit and a room portable air conditioner, portable reverse cycle air conditioner, server room air conditioner for work, ventless portable air conditioner, multi split air conditioner or a  ceiling air conditioner, split units air conditioners or standing air conditioners will do better in your house, quiet air conditioners not to disturb you with any additional noises, reverse cycle air conditioner,  maybe evaporative air conditioners or a garage air conditioner for sale. Take your pick! 

Did you know that the first concepts of modern air conditioners were developed and applied back in ancient Egypt! There, unlike the nowadays conditioning systems, some reeds were hung in windows and moistened with trickling water to cool off the hot air with the help of the evaporation of water that blew through the window. Egypt wasn't the only culture with air cooling technologies, as in Ancient Rome, water from aqueducts was made to circulate through the walls of certain houses to cool them. The techniques in medieval Persia involved the use of cisterns and wind towers to cool buildings during the hot season. The 2nd-century Chinese inventor Ding Huan invented a rotary fan for air conditioning, with seven wheels 3 m in diameter and manually powered. In 747, Emperor Xuanzong had the so-called "Cool Hall" built in the imperial palace, which the Tang Yulin describes as having water-powered fan wheels for air conditioning as well as rising jet streams of water from fountains.

So let us feel superior, feel the emperors, reveling in the quiet coolness of our houses, enjoying the soft gushes of wind to our faces as we come from the hellishly-hot street at home. 

There are several types of air conditioners o choose from:

Window air conditioners are designed to be fitted in window sills. A single unit of Window Air Conditioner houses all the necessary components in a single box. Since a window air conditioner is a single unit, it takes less effort to install as well as for maintenance, also it usually costs less than other varieties

Split air conditioner consists of kits of 2 units: those of internal and external. The indoor unit installed inside a room intakes warm air and throws in cold air. The outdoor unit on the other hand is installed out of the house. It contains the compressor and is linked to the internal unit via drain pipes and electric cables. This external unit throws out the warm air. It is usually more silent than window air conditioner and affects your home decor to the minimum. 

Tower air conditioners are also known as floor-standing air conditioners. Their set consists of 2 units:  one internal and an external, alike to split air conditioners. However, the indoor unit doesn't need wall installation, but rather occupies some space on the floor. Tower air conditioners usually have high cooling capacity and are suitable for very large rooms and offices.

Cassette air conditioners are shaped like cassettes and are designed to be installed on ceilings. The major advantage of this type is that their panel is designed to blend with all kinds of home decor. Not only they are stylish, but are also known to deliver fantastic performances. 

Cube Air Conditioner can be placed close to a ceiling or at the window level. It's a smaller version of the split type air conditioner but costs less. 

Now, as you are equipped with this info, you are ready to make an informed choice shopping for an air conditioner. At our site you will find the best prices for air conditioners, portable air conditioners for sale, all the modern and time-checked air conditioners to buy, online sales of cheap window air conditioners in your city, air conditioning equipment, like air conditioner vent covers, air conditioning condenser or air conditioner filter and other details; best rated portable air conditioners for your house. 

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