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Year 2014 - 2018
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Aluminium section on Export Portal welcomes all sellers and buyers of aluminium to connect to each other for successful trade. Aluminium is the most widely used non-ferrous metal. Global production of aluminium in 2005 was 31.9 million tonnes. Sell aluminium and articles of aluminum on Export Portal, increase your sales by expanding your trade worldwide. Buy aluminium online on our site, find manufacturers and suppliers and get the best deals! 

Aluminum is the second most abundant metallic element in the Earth's crust after silicon, yet it is a comparatively new industrial metal that has been produced in commercial quantities for just over 100 years. Measured either in quantity or value, aluminum's use exceeds that of any other metal except iron, and it is important in virtually all segments of the world economy.  Some of the many uses for aluminum are in transportation (automobiles, airplanes, trucks, rail cars, marine vessels, etc.), packaging (cans, foil, etc.), construction (windows, doors, siding, etc), consumer durables (appliances, cooking utensils, etc.), electrical transmission lines, machinery, and many other applications.

Recycling of aluminum or aluminum recovery from scrap has become an important component of the aluminum industry. Sources for recycled aluminum include automobiles, windows and doors, appliances, and other products.  However, it is the recycling of aluminum cans that seems to have the highest profile.

Aluminium metal is so chemically reactive that native specimens are rare and limited to extreme reducing environments. Instead, it is found combined in over 270 different minerals. The chief ore of aluminium is bauxite

Top aluminium exporters in the world are China, Russia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, India, United States, Australia, Norway, Brazil, Bahrain.

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