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If you are looking for the best selection of household goods, check out Export Portal's amazing deals.

Click a category to narrow down your search by only items in that category. Our categories include: air conditioning appliances, cleaning appliances, home heaters, kitchen appliances, refrigerators and freezers, cleaning and storage products, home decor, bath supplies, gardening equipment and other household goods. Refine your search by brand name, color, condition, material or country, or you can browse some of Export Portal's featured top brands including: Panasonic, LG, Bosch, Lasko, Oster, Honeywell, Holmes, Eureka, Keurig and many others.

Kitchen appliances can make preparing meals a breeze with the helpful tools such as slow cookers, blenders, food processors, toasters, mixers or roasters. Start the day with the perfect cup of coffee made by your new coffee machine or espresso maker. Or bring a taste of summer indoors with ice cream machines or indoor grills.

Get the best fridge to fit your needs and budget (and not only for your kitchen). At Export Portal you can choose a mini refrigeratorfor your dorm room, garage or small apartment, or weigh up all the pros and cons with bottom freezer vs top freezer refrigerators.

You can also set up your home bar with the best ice makers, wine cellars or beverage refrigerators.

Are you ready to green-light your kitchen remodeling project? Then check out our selection of wall ovens: electric and gas, single, double or combination varieties to fit your kitchen style and budget. Or get your dishes sparkling clean with a rangedishwashers in many brands, styles, and colors at We offer portable and build-in dishwashers, quiet and energy efficient, so you will not have to scrub your pots by hand any more. Export Portal's Laundry Department has top load washers and front load washers featuring innovative design and powerful cleaning technology. Or find a great electric or gas dryerset to compliment your clothes. Save on space by purchasing an all-in-one combination dryer/washer.


With Export Portal's Household Goods Department, find everything you need to upgrade your home.