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Export Portal Wood and Articles of WoodStore is your one-stop destination for online shopping to buy raw wood, bamboo, charcoals, wood parts and fuel wood.

As far as is known, each log has its own history and story to tell. The raw beauty of wood has become an important element in any décor, from cabin to modern style. To create your own unique works of art, choose from Export Portal's wide selection of exotic wood burls from global wood suppliers. Woodworkers are invited to view our raw wood selection.

According to a Chinese legend bamboo can bring prosperity, good luck, happiness and wealth to your home. Through our online catalog find trade leads from major suppliers of bamboo poles,bamboo wood and bamboo fencing.Shop with confidence and order bamboo online to make garden features like bamboo borders, fences, gazebos and other garden structures.

Or if you are looking for the highest quality and most diversified line of charcoal products, you don't need to look further than Our Verified Charcoal Suppliers, Manufacturers and Distributors will provide you with activated charcoal made from Hardwood, Coconut, Bamboo or Bituminous in any country of the world. At Export Portal Wood and Articles of Wood Department we also pride ourselves in offering you top quality firewood and logs including heat logs, pellets, peat, and kiln dried wood that can be ordered anytime of the day.


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