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Growing numbers of consumers now have recourse to buying medical instruments online considering it as a better choice. Export Portal Medical Store brings in a complete range of instruments required by a Clinic, Medical center, day surgeries or hospitals.

Export Portal's Store of surgical instruments boasts an extensive range of surgical instruments for: general surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, urology, anesthesia, dental surgery, gynecology and neurosurgery. Our Medical and Surgical Department features surgical instruments like surgery scissors, operating forceps, needle holders, pliers, speculum, retractors and many others. When shopping online you can narrow down your search by brand name, material, color, condition or country.

Shop with for incredible prices and a huge assortment of internationally branded, market leading professional surgical instruments as well as health and medical products. Find surgical instruments set promotion, dental surgical promotion or medical tool promotion from top surgical instruments wholesalers.

Your search for the right products ends here at Whether you are a hospital administrator, doctor or distributor explore our catalog of medical and surgical instruments at right prices from the comfort of your home or office.