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In pursuit of a perfect gift for the cat or dog lover? Or are you looking for products for your cat, dog, fish, bird or ferret? Export Portal is one stop destination for pet owners and animal lovers. Take some time to look around at our wide variety of products and find high quality pet supplies from the most respected brands at the prices you will love.

Our pets make us healthier and happier all along. In fact living with pets provides numerous proven health benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, increasing exercise, controlling blood pressure, easing loneliness and many others. Caring for a pet may even help their owners live longer. They love us unconditionally and of course they deserve the very best products and accessories. Pamper your pets with nutritious food and tasty treats to help them to grow up healthy and fit. Or surprise them with a comfortable bed or with some new toys including scratching posts, feather toys or cat condos.

We are committed to continuously expanding our product range and offering you the latest products and supplies for your pet. We carry an extensive selection of pet clothing, pet snacks and toys, pet bedding, pet furniture and many more. Do not forget to check also our wide variety of aquariums, terrariums and feeders. Find fish food as well as chew snacks your hamster could ask for.


As to man's best friend, shop for all types of dog food and treats for puppy to senior dogs such as grain-free, vegetarian, organic, and other special formulas. Export Portal also stocks a wide assortment of flea control, grooming and health care products that ensure long-term health and well-being for your dogfor years to come.

 We understand that your pet is a part of your family, so treat them right with pet products and accessories from Export Portal.