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Year 2019 - 2019
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Shaving is an essential part of our hygiene. That's why it is important to find and buy shaving products which will be most helpful. Shaving products are mainly divided into three categories: pre-shaving products, shavers themselves and after-shaving products.

Pre-shaving is making the skin and hair ready for the blade. The shaving products for this action are oils, creams and shaving soaps. They come in various formulations created for a particular type of skin or hair. They can also be chosen according to the instrument which is going to be used for shaving. You can buy pre-shaving products intended for shaving with hand razors or electric razors.

Shaving itself requires either water or the use of a shaving foamshaving cream or soap. A shaving brush can be used to put one of these products on the face.

There exist 3 types of hair removing

1. Manual razors include: straight razors with blade and scales, disposable razors and double-edge safety razors.

One of the most popular types of straight razors to buy are Sheffield razors. The price of these products depends on the quality of the material and the brand. Disposable razors minimize the risk of injury while shaving and they are used by both men and women. Safety razors are a little bit safer than straight razors because there is no actual risk of serious injury as there is with the latter.

2. Shaving with an electric razor can be done with the skin dry, but many people apply a shaving lubricant to lessen irritation. Most electric razors come with features which help to raise the hairs, allowing them to be cut more efficiently. This prevents the skin from being irritated by excessive motion from the razor. 

These devices fall into two groups: electric razors for men and electric razors for women. Men mostly use rotary razors or foil-type razors.  Women use epilators, which can be rechargeable, battery operated, corded or cordless electric razors. To buy epilators with battery-power will be the best decision for travelling.

3. Chemical depilatories are cosmetic products used for skin hair removal. These products include hair removing gel, cream, shaving lotion, hair removing aerosol, hair removing roll-on, and shaving powder. Waxing and sugaring are also very popular products for hair removing.

Aftershaves are products used after shaving, to smooth the shaved area and for preventing skin irritation. They can also help to sterilize any cuts in the skin and contain an antiseptic such as alcohol to prevent infection. Menthol is used in some varieties as well to numb damaged skin.

Aftershaves come as aftershave lotions, aftershave gels, aftershave balms or aftershave powders, and cologne

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