Walnuts Schinoasa

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Product information

  • Size: H = 41,0 mm, D = 38,1 mm, d = 38,6 mm
  • weight: 12,0 grams
  • Shape: elliptical, with round base and top
  • Kernel: large, light-yellow
  • Harvest: middle September


Origin Originates from a valuable variety aged 30 years, found in a community called Schinoasa from Chisinau Municipality and registered in 1980.

Variety Characteristics The tree is resistant to frost, droughts and pests. It has medium resistance to the main diseases. The tree starts blooming during the first half of the regular walnut blooming timeframe. Female flowers bloom 5-6 days earlier than male flowers. The harvest is rich and constant.

Tree The tree grows up intensively and rapidly, shaping a straight cylindrical trunk, the bark being grey-coloured. Crown – spherical-oblong, relatively rare, although with abundant leafage. Scaffold branches – well developed with long branches well blended with the trunk.Offshoots – relatively thick, long, straight of light-brown colour. Leaves – large, of dark-green colour, glossy.


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