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Export Portal is an international trading platform created to facilitate transactions between buyers, sellers and manufacturers involved in the export/import industry. We have a solution for all of your needs:
  • One-Stop Shop;
  • 24/7 Quality Service;
  • Professional Expertise.
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Export Portal security
We verify the identity of all registered users, as well as the legality of their businesses to ensure the security for all of our clients. Export Portal guarantees a reliable buying/selling experience through:
  • Buyer protection;
  • Seller protection;
  • Secure payments.
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Get professional assistance and support at every stage of the buying and selling process. Find answers to all your questions, including:
  • FAQ;
  • Export and Import Topics;
  • Site use.
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Keep up to date with important industry news and trends. Visit our online newsroom to stay up-to-date on all the latest stories about Export Portal:
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  • Updates;
  • News.
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Export Portal’s 2018
100 country tour continues
Follow our company's progress and enjoy the key moments of the 100+ Country Tour
Let us know if there is an event in your country we should attend next!
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  • Secure trade process;
  • Buyer protection system;
  • Legally registered sellers.
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